All Done In A Box​

Our sensory devices are the best Predictive Maintenance Solution to meet your needs. With their small size and shape design, they fit on any machine and can start working by just installing them and running through a quick and easy set up process.

Sync Devices​

Add devices to your cloud account with a click on an app. The easiest Condition Monitoring Solutions ever!

Easy Setup Solution​

As a predictive maintenance solution provider, Predicta4 focuses on products that are ready to deploy with the minimum set up needed. Predicta4 is a result-oriented solution and to achieve the best outcome, our support team will help you in every step of the installation process to establish your wireless vibration monitoring program using P-Cubes. Our support includes, but is not limited to, installing the P-Cubes on your machines and setting them up, personalizing your Dashboard and adding your machines to it, monitoring and analyzing your vibration and temperature data upon request, providing training courses about machinery vibration monitoring.

Focus On Ease​

Focus on your tasks rather than worrying about how to set up devices. Predicta4 is a condition monitoring solution that will not take your valuable time to set it up.

Improve your business with our prime product solution​

We help you to achieve what you need to improve your maintenance systems, and to build it as you go.

We provide the easiest and most reliable predictive maintenance solution.

Our services are built to help your business grow, with no overhead and complications.

Smart Alert System

Predicta4’s WatchDog is one of the best condition monitoring solutions. It automatically checks and analyzes your machines vibration and temperature data without interfering with the machine operation. With constant monitoring and analysis, you will be notified of any maintenance needed and alerted when any potential problem is detected. By performing the maintenance action on time, you can easily achieve a zero breakdown strategy for your machines.

Constant Monitoring​

Helps you to predict potential problems and prevent breakdowns and down times. Zero breakdown strategy is achievable when your machines are equipped with Predicta4 smart vibration monitoring platform.

Cloud Based Solution​

Whether you’re at your business or away, rotating machines that are running need condition monitoring solutions. Our online vibration monitoring platform allows you to connect multiple sensory devices, to be able to monitor all your industry machines closely. Predicta4 cloud-based Dashboard is the only platform you need to develop a state-of-the-art maintenance strategy for your rotating machinery. You can have access to the Dashboard using any device such as smart phone, laptop, PC, tablet and from anywhere you are.

Many Platforms​

Create and manage multiple factory or plant locations and floors by creating platforms. Our cloud-based solution allows you to customize the appearance of your Dashboard and facilitate the access to desired information.

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